Boom 2 distortion everye time

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I want A fresh copy of boom 2, mine doesn't work well. Is this for free? I already bought it once. Sorry for my not so good english


  • Hi Hans,

    The latest version of the app available is v1.2.1.

    We have certain questions about the issue and we need you to help us in this. Please send the below details via mail to our Support Team (

    1. Does the sound distorts the moment you launch Boom 2 or after few minutes/seconds after the launch?

    2. The issue is with the Mac internal speakers or any other connected headset/speakers. If its with connected speakers/headset, then please send us the details of it.

    3. Please send us a screenshot of Boom 2 window when the sound distorts.

    4. Also, check whether the issue is with the Boom 2 Volume Booster or the Equaliser or the effects.
    When the issue occurs off either of the three and check whether sound distorts.

    5. If the issue is with the Equaliser or the Effects, then please let us know the name of particular preset and effect that you have selected.

    6. Please let us know the type of music you play when the issue occurs.

    7. Lastly, please send us a screenshot of the audio MIDI setup app for Boom2Device and also for any other connected devices. (similar to the attached screenshot)

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