How to stop Security Alert box from displaying

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I have Voila version 3.9 running on Mac Book Pro running OS X version 10.10.4 and I can't seem to figure out how to stop this alert box from popping up each time the application is started. The application is set up to allow incoming connection through the Firewall panel.

What am I missing?

Thanks In advance for any help.



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    Hi Fernando,

    The alert message shown above would appear if the Voila app package contents were altered. You can reinstall a fresh copy of Voila via purchase point and check if it helps. We have released a new update for Voila few hours back, could you please update your copy of Voila to the latest version and check if it helps.
    If you still have any issues then, we suggest you to contact our Support Team ( for further help.
  • Followed your instructions and installed the new release and all seems to be working as expected.

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • Well I was wrong. The security alert message is popping up just not when I first login as the initial issue. It is now popping up after I take my first screen capture.

    Voila version 3.9.1 running on Mac Book Pro running OS X version 10.10.4
  • Hi Fernando,

    Could you please contact our Support Team ( for further help?
    We would like to have screen-share session via Skype. Please do let us know when and at what time you can be available for this. Please pass us your handle. 
  • I have been looking on the net and found similar products having the same issues and tried a solution given in one of the post. The solution given was to create a certificate for the application as a trusted application. This also solved my issue as well.
  • That's great! Thank you for the info. It would be really helpful if you could share the link with us, so that other users can benefit from it.
  • Hi ShreyasKuthu;

    I am sorry but I did not save the link. But I do have the steps I took to do it, the following are the steps.

    • Open a Finder window and navigate to /Applications/Utilities folder and double click on the application in that folder. This will open a Terminal window.
    • Type in the Terminal window, cd /Applications , which will change to current directory to /Applications.
    • Type in the Terminal window, sudo codesign --force --deep --sign -

    You will be prompted for your Administrator password and in a few moments you should see a message such as “replacing existing signature”. With this code your Mac will have created a self-signed ad-hoc certificate, re-signing the app. All this is telling the operating system (or rather, Keychain Access) that “the Administrator says it’s OK to trust this app”.

    Now launch your app again. You will see a new message box come up asking for permissions to access the Keychain, click on Always Allow, Now don’t be dismayed when you see that annoying “accept incoming connections” dialogue again – it’ll be the last time. Select “allow” and you’re done with this – hopefully for good. Try it out by closing your app and restart it again. Celebrate about not seeing that message again.
  • Hi Fernando,

    Thank you so much for the detailed info.
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