Boom 2 Trial has broken my audio

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I was stupid enough to download the trial last Monday evening because my headphones at my new work have a really uneven frequency response curve and a Google search suggested it to me.

Everything fine until yesterday morning when Boom 2 announced that the trial period was over. I continued using my Mac, but throughout the day it crashed, locked up, or introduced a lagging stuttering mouse cursor with kernel_task running amok, for a total of eight times, until I spotted in Console that the last thing to happen before the most recent lockup was an error message from Boom about some network host being down.

I uninstalled Boom 2 via its horrible UI, and then things went back to normal. That is, until 30 minutes ago when I decided to listen to some music for the first time since the uninstall. Upon clicking play in Spotify, my Mac froze instantly and needed a hardware shutdown to be brought back to life.

I tried once more with Spotify, and it started playing with two or three brief stutters that paused audio and locked the mouse, then continued to play normally for about ten minutes until the lagging, stuttering mouse + kernal_task mayhem, and now + audio play-pause-play-pause, reappeared. I managed to soft reset the Mac, but I now find myself with a completely (three weeks old) broken installation of OS X Yosemite that will crash or lock up if I attempt to play any audio.

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  • Hello DanielBuus,

    Thank you for taking the time out and writing to us. It seems like you're facing issues and coincidentally, they seem to have happened after using the Boom 2 Trial. While you still don't have definitive proof that Boom 2 may be the cause, we're still willing to help out to the fullest extent.

    Thousands of people download and try Boom 2 on a daily basis and we rarely hear anything (the ones we've come across were due to the app being downloaded from unscrupulous sites/Torrents). This may be an isolated incident and if you'd like, our Support Team can work along with you to get to the bottom of this. Do mail us at and we can take it from there.

    Please note that your use of 'colourful' language is unprofessional and while we understand that you're obviously annoyed, it would be in the interest of everyone concerned if you could please tone it down. Once again, we would love to work with you and resolve this and we look forward to our mail rendezvous.
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