Boom2 adding time lag

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This has been going on for a long time now, 3rd post about this since I purchased back in FEB15.

Boom2 adding lag up to 3sec. it takes only a few minutes for this to happen when app is running. No matter what I disable is the app it still lags. Happens with all audio sources.

2014 IMac 5k
OSX 10.10.3
Sennheiser HDVD800 usb amp


  • I'm having the same issue with boom 1.x. It only happens while my mac is "Booming". As soon as I quite the app the lag stops.

    Mac Pro 5,1
    3.46 Ghz
    OSX 10.10.4
    Audio: Displayport-> Headphone jack
  • Hey,

    Could you please let us know the audio source? Also, do check with different audio source and let us know whether the issue is consistent.

    If you could provide us with a sequence to regenerate the issue, that would be great.

    At the same time, please keep your Console app open, do check for Boom logs when the issue reappears and send it to our Support Team (
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