Remote Crash

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I Connect my Iphone with Macbook of Boom 2 But by Connect Crash the Programm on my Macbook ;/



  • Hey,

    Are you mentioning about the iOS Boom 2 Remote? Could you please let us know the type of iOS device and Mac used by you. Also, let us know the OS installed on both the devices.

    If you are facing Boom 2 remote connectivity issue, then we suggest you to try below steps and check if it helps:
    1. Make sure Boom Remote is ON in Mac (refer the attached screenshot)
    2.iOS device and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
    3. Turn off/on Wi-Fi on both devices and try to pair again
    4. Quit and relaunch both Mac and iOS app
    5. Make sure both iOS and Mac app are up to date
  • The OS Version on MY Macbook is mac os x yosemite and iPhone and iPad IOS 8.1.3. The Boom 2 is the New Version on Appstore and iPad iPhone is the Version NEW.

    The Remote app See my Macbook but by Connect is Waiting Waiting Waiting: result: Connection Blocked but the Remote is Turn On by my Boom 2 on my Macbook pro ..
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    The latest available iOS version is 8.4. Hence, please update your iOS to v8.4 and check if it helps. Also restart both the MacBook and iPhone and check whether it helps.

    If you still face the same issue, then please forward your Skype id to We would like to have a call and help you in resolving the issue.
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