Boom 2 does not like to run at restart

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After I reboot my computer and log in, Boom 2 displays a message that "Boom 2 is already running" but it does not show in the menu bar. I have to into the command line, kill the Boom 2 process, and launch Boom 2 again in order for it to work right.

How can I get it to load right the first time on boot?


  • Hi Geordon,

    It seems that there are two copies of Boom running. Could you please make sure to search for Boom/Boom 2 in Finder/Spotlight and delete any additional copies of Boom/Boom 2.
    Also, could you please check in your System Preferences->User & Groups->Login Items and remove Boom/Boom 2. Next, restart your system and launch Boom 2 via Applications folder and check if it helps.
  • There is only one copy of Boom 2 on my computer, in Applications. On reboot/restart, I still get the message that "Boom 2 is already running" and can only get it to start if I go to command line, kill the Boom 2 PID, and restart Boom 2 from the Applications folder. After that, it works fine.
  • Hi Geordon,

    Could you please take a screenshot of the Activity Monitor when the error message displays and send it to our Support Team (
    We would like to look further into the issue.
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