Voila not recording Skype audio

I tried to record a Skype call today and all I got was my side of the conversation, even though I had both "Record Computer Audio" and "Record Microphone" boxes checked. It seems to me like I've done this in the past but it's not working now. What can I do to make it work.


  • Hi Ralphstrauch,

    While recording Skype, make sure that speakers are selected as 'VoilaDevice' (Voila records system sound via VoilaDevice) in Skype preference under Audio/Video (please refer screenshot below). (Make sure to enable ‘Record Computer Audio’ from the window that appears just before recording)
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    ShreyasKuthu, I did everything that you recommended in your May 4 reply to ralphstrauch, and it still did not work. I am on a Mac, running 10.10.x, using MS Lync 14.0.11, and using Voila 3.8.4. I am also using a Plantronics C720 USB Headset that I can both hear and speak with no problems. In Lync I can see the audio levels going up and down when I speak. BUT, there is no audio level for sound coming through the headset when others are speaking. NO, I don't want to use the internal speakers. I am required to use the headset (REQUIRED). I even did as you instructed in your May 4 posting, and the audio in the headset went dead, and I have to use analog headphones to hear anything -- UNACCEPTABLE -- defeating the whole purpose of having integrated headphones and using USB.

    Come on folks! This cannot be a THAT hard. There must be a way for me to get Voila to record audio that goes with the video when I'm on Lync/Skype.


    I hate to say this, but if you are unable to resolve this Voila is not a whole lot of use to me as most of my work is done via MS Lync (Mac)
  • Hi Bassmasterj,

    Please make sure that the devices selected in Lync audio Preferences, System Sound Preferences and Voila recording assistant (window that appears just before recording) are in sync with each other. If not, while selecting manually, make sure that you select VoilaDevice only once the recording starts in Voila.
    We suggest you to get in touch with our Support Team (voila@globaldelight.com) for further help.
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