Boom 2.x.x with FaceTime Audio/Video

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As an OS X and iOS developer and Apple, Inc. employee (marketing), I'm very familiar with the inner-workings of OS X. I love Boom 2; I believe it's what Boom 1.9.3 needed and a welcome addition. I am running the current version on a new Mac Pro 8-Core system with 36GB RAM and 2x 27" LED Apple Cinema Displays ('12 models) and 10.10.2 (also testing it on 10.10.3, so far so good). Boom is running perfectly via my stereo speaker system.

One dilemma regarding the occasional lack of OS X finding it after a reboot and system sound confusion was remedied by resetting NVRAM*:

- Upon reboot, just before the "chime", hold down the four key combination:
Command + alt/option + P + R
- The system should reboot, release the keys and wait for the chime

This is always a good fix for the occasional system error as it resets system defaults that some applications may modify.

I do have one issue that has been verified via "Console" and other error logs to be associated with Boom 2 (latest version). I cannot use it for FaceTime audio - either using handoff on my Mac Pro with my iPhone 6 on iOS 8.x.x or WiFi calling - it detects Boom 2 Audio but the other party cannot hear me. I have to quit the application, then the green light on one of my displays (the one set in FaceTime preferences) turns on to indicate sound is being sent and received. For some reason, Boom 2 does not work with FaceTime audio. I confirmed this on a new 27" Retina iMac running without any external displays, merely the system itself.

Any reports on this matter? If not, it is something some of us have experienced and something you should be aware of if you're advertising this as a fully functioning "Yosemite" build. Otherwise, great application. I wish the Mac App Store had ratings for version 2.0 to give it the recognition it deserves.

Thank you!

*Bluetooth Keyboards sometimes do not register when rebooting as the KEXT's (drivers) may not load quickly enough on some older systems. If you find you cannot use the keyboard, whether to use Startup Manager by holding the "alt/option" key for the Recovery HD, Bootcamp, etc or resetting the PVRAM, plug in any USB keyboard you may have and use that instead. Newer Mac's should not have an issue with Bluetooth peripherals upon boot. If you do, tap the "Power" button the bluetooth Apple keyboard and see the green light indicator illuminate. Then hold down the keys and do not release until the effect has taken.


  • Hi there,

    I am Sandhya, lead developer of Boom 2. Thank you for your kind words regarding Boom 2 :).

    I thought of replying to your comment regarding Boom 2 and FaceTime. Although we have tried our level best to give compatibility with default Mac applications, we do have certain compatibility issues with FaceTime.

    As you are aware FaceTime reduces all active application volume when you get audio/video call. i.e Audio coming out from any other application will be played with reduced volume.
    As Boom is a system wide volume booster, it captures all application audio including FaceTime and applies boost to it. When you receive a call, FaceTime reduces Boom audio level in turn FaceTime audio will be played with low volume. We have already filed a bug report (Bug Id 15615045) regarding this behavior sometime in 2013 and still awaiting a response from the Apple Developers.

    However, issue that you have mentioned looks little different. Till now we were receiving complaint regarding above mentioned issue i.e When user receives a call he is not able to hear caller voice. However in your case your voice is not audible to the receiver of the call.

    Can you please contact our support to get in touch with you to resolve this issue.

  • This is exactly the same problem that I have experienced with my iMac and Boom while using FaceTime. The person on the other end cannot hear me. Is there a solution to this problem?
  • Hey,

    We would like to inform your that in the latest OS, FaceTime forces any third party apps to lower the volume when there is FaceTime call activated. There is nothing Boom 2 can do, yet we are looking into it. 
    Please quit Boom 2 while using FaceTime. You can try launching Boom 2 after starting the FaceTime call and check if it helps. 

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