Error Message "File Corrupt" Mountain Lion

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After a clean install of Mountain Lion, I reinstalled Voila, then tried to use my Voila library that I "backed up". That's when I get the "file corrupt" thumbnail in main window. The location of the library is on an external disk. Could this be the problem??


  • @Foxforce5,

    Regarding your query, yes, as your Voila library is on a external disk you are getting the "file corrupt" message.
    As you have already backed up your Voila library, could you please delete the current Voila library and create a new one.
    Voila library contains all the data which you worked in Voila until now. To view the contents, you can do a right click on Voila library and click on "Show Package Contents".

    Quit Voila before you delete the library. Please refer screen shot to find Voila library path.
    After launching Voila do a screen capture and a new library will be created.

    If you wish to have all the previously captured Voila captures in new library then please do a right click on the old Voila library and click on Package contents>Images/Videos select all and drag and drop them into Voila tray (refer screen shot)
  • I right click on the library and nothing happens.
  • I right click on library and nothing happens. No show package contents. I have 34GB of screen captures which I can't access. Help!
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