Boom 2 upgrade discount when Boom 1 bought in Mac App Store

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Boom 2 is a new app designed and built from the ground-up for OS X Yosemite. As you know, Mac App Store does not have an upgrade option as of now. So when it gets released, it will go as a new app. Mac App Store does offer educational discounts via volume purchase program but not for individuals. You can learn more about it here:

Boom 1x still runs on OS X v10.10, v10.9 and v10.8. There are no major bugs and we have been providing maintenance updates all these while. Boom 1x is not specifically designed for OS X Yosemite but has been made compatible to run to experience the best audio output.

At this point, if any Boom 1x Mac App Store customers are planning to upgrade to Boom 2 website version, you can forward your Boom 1x sales purchase receipt (email) received from iTunes Store/Apple to
Our team will provide a special discount coupon using which you can avail the upgrade price for Boom 2 website version at 50% off. The discounted price for Boom 2 on our Webstore is $9.99. This includes all 3 of the extra in-app audio effects that come for free when upgrading.

Please note, there is no mechanism for a Boom 2 website user to migrate his/her license to Mac App Store version as and when it gets released. If you wish to switch from website version to Mac App Store version, you will be buying a copy of Boom 2 on the Mac App Store.
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