"Capture Selection" tool selects wrong area

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Hi, I have successfully used Voila for years. Three things have changed, and now the selection tool doesn't function properly. The changes: 1) new retina-display MacBook Pro notebooks; 2) installed Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion); 3) updated to Voila 3.2. When I use the "capture selection" tool and take a photo, the area selected is not represented in the photo. It seems to magnify the area and move it to the left. I've attached two files from today. One was taken using the "Capture object" tool. What I really wanted, though, was to just capture the diagram. When I tried to capture an appropriate rectangular selection, from the exact same screen, you can see that what gets captured is magnified and to the left of the area I wanted. (You can see the lower left part of the grid in the second photo.) Any idea what might be happening?


  • @Carolsvec,

    Currently we have not provided support to Retina displays, our developers are working on the same. Thank you for reporting.

    We are planning to revamp Voila soon. If you agree we would like to add you to the beta testers list, we see that you are interested in Voila a lot. We will appreciate your help.

    For more info please contact our Support Team.

    PS. We have noted your comments in the discussion "Voila Lion and the rMBP".
  • Absolutely--I would love to be a beta tester. Thank you. I'll contact the support team.
  • I have the same experience with version 3.2 on my Macbook Pro retina.
  • Hi,
    I got the same problem too. Could it be possible to add me as a beta tester too. I use all the time voila and since bought the MBP Retina, I can't use the software. It's terrible....
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