HDMI volume control

edited December 2014 in Suggestions
Might I suggest that a useful feature for Boom would be to allow it to act as an HDMI volume controller.

What I mean by this is
(a) for non-obvious reasons Apple in its wisdom has decided that the volume controls on an HTPC mac can not be used to control the volume of an HDMI output
(b) it used to be possible to work around this by using SoundFlower. System audio would be routed to SoundFlower which in turn would be told to route the audio to the HDMI output. Since SoundFlower presented as normal audio driver, it honored the system volume keys. BUT
(c) SoundFlower has stopped working with OSX Yosemite.

It seems that Boom2 has done all the hard work to perform the same service; all it additionally needs is a UI to specify the target of the output audio instead of always routing that output audio to the built-in speakers.

Right now I have no compelling reason to upgrade to Boom2, but certainly acting allowing my volume keys to once again control HDMI volume WOULD provide a compelling reason.
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