No sound after uninstalling.


I was testing Boom using the free trial and after turning the app off and removing it from my app folder I noticed I had no sound. If I plug speakers in, however, it works. I freaked out a little but at some point I reinstalled Boom and sound was back. I've tried uninstalling it using App Zapper, using the built-in uninstaller and by manually deleting it from my folder (I've also restarted after), but sound does not come back unless it has speakers plugged in or boom installed. Help?

OSX 10.10.1
Macbook Pro 15-inch, Early 2011

Tried PROM reset to no avail. I've searched thoroughly and I cannot find any file named "Boom".


  • Have you had any luck with this? The exact same thing has happened to me and I'm really annoyed about it, never had a single problem with my macbook until THIS and It's ridiculous! I've tried a few things and nothings working. I wish I never knew about this app.
  • Sorry to reply again, Go to Settings on the Boom app (You might have to reinstall again if you've deleted it) And press uninstall which isn't so clear on the app.. (It was towards the bottom middle-left side in Red) I just done that and the sound is now back to normal.
  • Hi @enrique_ramirez: There is some issue with Sound Device switching in OS X and we have reported this to Apple. They marked it as 'duplicate' which means they are aware of this non-switching issue and we hope to get this fixed.

    Hi @iMystikz: Thanks for pitching in! Yes, if you 'Un-install' Boom 2 will uninstall cleanly.
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