Valid 1.x license- there is no upgrade 50% off pricing on the purchase page

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When I go to the buy page from the boom2 app, and enter my valid 1.x details including my license key, there is no change in pricing.

Please advise as I'd like to upgrade before the 7 day trial is up (5 days left).


  • I'm getting the same problem! First my reg. code was not working, and now it works but the price continues the same as with no discount!
  • Same here. Enter my Mail or License as it was written on the page, but no discount.
  • So I just bought the upgrade and I wasn't given a discount. How can we get this fixed?
  • Hey People

    There was some issue with upgrade mechanism and we quickly rectified it and given a fix. We have started refunding the ones which did not carry the discounted price. Rest assured, things are under control. :)
  • Hi @CuratorsofCultr: The refund has been processed to all the affected transactions. The customers will receive a partial refund notification. If any affected one has not received the refund yet, please email to

  • This is still not fixed, and it won't be. This is just a scam. They upped the price to $15 and offer this "50% discount" which is the $8 you see. Original boom was $5 now with the 'special' discount its $8. All a scam to take your money.

    I got a 50% discount email for being a beta tester and another for being registered user, neither of which gave me any discount in the 'Scroll down for discount pricing" section.

    I also bought boom 1.x less than a month ago and now I am FORCED to pay again.

    Software companies complain that their software is being pirated? THIS is why you get pirated because you are GREEDY and your business tactics are just as criminal as the pirates who steal your work.

    The funny thing is I bought this because I didn't want to use the free equalizer that comes with OSX because I didn't have time to configure it. Serves me right.

    From a very disappointed boom user: I will not upgrade, I will not give you more money and I hope everyone here deletes your app from their computer and lets the word know that you are thieves and deceiving your customers.

    Have a nice day.
  • @NickGotsinas: Thanks for voicing your thoughts. We acknowledge that there was some issue with the upgrade mechanism and we did fix it. A number of upgrades have taken place since then without any issue. We have placed few more test transactions ourselves to verify that the issue has been fixed indeed.

    We are not forcing anyone to upgrade to Boom 2. If you wish to, then we do provide a discount for being a loyal Boom 1.x customer. You can still continue to enjoy Boom 1.x
  • I bought Boom 1.x through the OS X App Store I am unable to get the discount to work.

  • @GlobalDelight that is your answer?. If I don't like it leave?

    Fine I will leave and I will make sure everyone I know leaves too.
  • Hello @Kishi23: Thank you for reaching out. You need to forward your Boom 1.x MAS purchase receipt and our team will get back to you. At this time we have a lot of customers coming in and you shall hear back in a day or two. Thank you for your co-operation.
  • I just successfully upgraded at the 50% price. Thank you.
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    is there a way to find the registration key if Boom 1.x is already installed? I was able to install Boom 1.x on my Yosemite build and it appears to be working fine. I'm unable to find previous emails for my registration code, etc.. Would like to upgrade to Boom 2
  • Thank you @mapukhakis! Keep Boomin..

    Hello @ssieg: If you have already registered your Boom 1.x copy bought outside of Mac App Store, you can get your old code by filling up this lost license form:

    You can also get your Boom 1.x registration code from the Boom - Settings - About box. Of course, it needs to be registered in the first place to appear there.

    If you bought Boom 1.x from the Mac App Store, please follow this thread:

    Hope this helps.
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