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For the love of god PLEASE make an option for changing shortcuts. I was in photoshop, went to merge my layers with the shortcut cmd+shift+e and instead of merging, I found that Boom had taken over the shortcut.

Not cool. Please change this.


  • Hey There! You can definitely change the shortcuts of your likings. Just go to Settings tab in the UI and change the hotkeys there..
  • Hey I'm having a similar problem. The Boom shortcut keys seem to conflict with a lot of programs I run, most notably Gmail.

    Specifically "cmd shift -" or "cmd shift +" to increase or decrease font size and "cmd shift e" which aligns text in the center of an email.

    Is there a way we can either customize or toggle shortcut keys on and off? It's rare, if ever, I need to change the settings once I've set the Equalizer to taste.

    Fantastic PRODUCT though.


  • Hello PatrickDePuydt: You can change the shortcut keys in the Boom 2 volume boost section. In that UI on the bottom there's Hotkey section where you can manage the way you would like it.

    Hey @jaymelyn525: In the previous comment we mentioned the Hotkey can be changed in the Settings section. That's not where it is. It's in the Boom Volume Boost tab itself - on the bottom of the UI. Sorry for the confusion.
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