Can't complete my order after paying with PayPal

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I just bough Boom 2, using PayPal to pay. After being returned from the PayPal page authorising the payment, I get stuck on the fastspring page, with the "Complete Order" button. Whatever I do, I can't seem to make that button work. It's dead. I assume my payment is still pending. How can I complete the transaction?



  • Same here, they're losing lots of money after being featured on Product Hunt, LOL.
    Wake up buddies...
  • Same here.
  • Dear All

    Sorry for the inconvenience..

    We seem to be able to complete a transaction. But, unsure why some of you haven't been able to do so. We are checking with our eCommerce partner regarding the same. In any case, if you have any additional information, it would be great, like were you going for an Upgrade or buying which type of license etc.

    Thank you once again for your support and co-operation.
  • Same issue here.
  • Same here. And why don't you turn it off until it's fixed?

    I've paid 2 times and expect refund.
  • I am also having the same issue. For me, I use Paypal to purchase the 2 User version listed at $14.99. I am redirected to Paypal, login, and then am sent back to Global Delight without confirmation notice or email. There is a button saying complete order under what appears to be my cart listing what I have purchased, but it is non-functional. I have tried twice.
  • Hello ChadShoopman: Thanks for the details. We are looking into this issue. It's happening with 'Upgrade' section but not the regular sales section. Our devs are on it and trying fast to fix it asap.

    Meanwhile, all of you can try and purchase the copy with other payment methods as well.

    Thank you.
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