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Dear GlobalDelight: In the invitation to Boom 2.0 beta testing discounts and free versions were indicated as possible inducements. Also, in the announcement email sent to long time users a 50% discount was indicated. When I have sought to buy. However, in neither the original or the new email was a discount code given - and there is no place to submit such a code had one arrived with the emails, nor does the link in today's email that put forward the 50% discount take me to a place where the discount occurs. I love your product but this process seems to have issues. Please tell us how to proceed. Yours, aprudy


  • Same issue here. No discount code in the emails, and the links directly below the 50% discount mention show me the full price.
  • I also got the same email a couple of hours ago. Saw it was for $14.99 through the link, and when I went separately to your store (searching Boom Mac on Google) the same price is there, which means I'm not getting "50% shaved off" as stating. Really interested!!
  • I went back to the email I received and copied the link for the Buy button into Safari (my default is Firefox). Whether GlobalDelight updated their Purchase page (and didn't tell this forum) or using Safari was the key (I'd guess the former), when I scrolled down below the Full and Academic/Student pricing options I came to an upgrade/beta area. Following the process from there you get a registration number. Hope that helps.
  • Dear aprudy

    Thanks for reaching out. The email that was sent to Boom 2 Beta Customers with 50% offer had a 'buy link' which is directly taking them to the right place. The instruction for availing the special price is mentioned on the store page. In the email communication also we mentioned to use the 'email address' as the verification code to avail the benefit.

    We have updated the Store page mentioning to scroll down for the upgrade pricing.
  • I am trully dissappointed.

    Your business model is ridiculous. What will happen when you release boom 3? Huh? Another upgrade fee?

    I'm a beta and Boom 1 user for quite a while now and I feel betrayed as a customer. Why did I even update from the Beta 3? You didn't say something like "Hey, if you update, we'll want you to pay more."

    Guys, I friggin' love your product but I hate what you've done. As an end user I don't care if you had to develop the app from scratch. What I see is that you're charging me for an update.

    Will you release updates for the Boom 1 app?
  • Hi, this is an all-new app and was built from the ground up. A lot of design, engineering and qualification hours have gone into this! It may seem inconvenient but we've made it worth it. We're offering a 50% discount that you can make use of.
  • Thanks for getting back to me GlobalDelight. Seeing, elsewhere in the Forum on Tuesday that the emails to beta testers who were receiving free copies had already gone out, I purchased the software at 50% off on Tuesday as indicated above... it is really great. Today, however, I woke up to an email indicating that I was one of those selected for a free copy. This is frustrating, it is hard to know what happened but I would like to know if I am due a refund given the problems the company seems to be having with its emails. Yours, aprudy
  • Hello @aprudy: Congrats in the first place having won a free copy yourself! Next, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Even though the email was scheduled to blast on time, due to some technical issue it did not go through. The system showed as if the mails were sent to all but we noticed we did not receive an email to our own account, which we add in every mass mailing as a precaution. We checked and figured the issue, fixed it and resent the same. Hence the delay. However, if you could send an email to, we will verify and refund the amount in full.

    Once again, we totally understand your situation and truly feel bad about the same. We would be more careful in the future. Have a great boomin' weekend!
  • I too have clicked the link in the e-mail which directs me to the buy page and where as before I saw the discount clearly shown now its gone and when I enter my beta testing details etc., it takes no notice of them and charges me the same price as a new user. What's going on?
  • "when I enter my beta testing details etc., it takes no notice of them and charges me the same price as a new user" Same problem for me! Even when I use my registration code of v1.9.1, the price doesn't change.
  • Hey There

    The eCommerce team tried fixing the PayPal issue and it looks like they broke something in the Upgrade. Not to worry, the difference will be refunded.
  • Hey People, It has now been fixed and you can get the upgrade price working for you.
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