Where's the lost license code form you refer to in the FAQs

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I didn't want to come on here and moan but you don't seem to provide an email address so am having to! Sorry!

I just tried to register Boom 2 and not only was it not having my code but it also threw up an unhelpful message that seemed to tell me I had stolen the software and that I should go buy a copy.

A link on there to contact you would have been good at least, even if you do think I'm a thief!

Anyway, I then came to your website to try to find an email address to contact you. There didnt seem to be one but there was this forum.

I've looked at your FAQs and all it says is that I should "...use the lost license code form to send the required details." Which is fine, but there was no link to the lost license code form, nor any details of where it may be.

So basically, please advise.




  • Hello There

    We have 'contact support' within the app and you can reach out directly. If you come to our website, there's 'Contact' tab right on the top bar and you can reach to any team for any matter straight away with the form being filled. If you have purchased any app from us (Mac apps sold through our online store), you get an email and you can simply respond to that. We also have social media channels where you can ping us. So, it's been quite easy to reach out should you need help. However, if there are ways for us to improve this, we will definitely.

    The lost license form works fine and we have seen it's working for other few requesters.

    Kindly send us an email to boom@globaldelight.com for Boom 1x related queries.

    If it's of Boom 2, then you can send an email to boom2@globaldelight.com

    Hope this helps.
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