Voila compatible issues with Yosemite

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We have been working on Voila to make it compatible with Yosemite (OS X v10.10). With limited private beta testers, we confirmed that all things were working fine on Developer Preview 6 and Public Beta 3 and were ready to roll out a version for the interested Beta testers. When we tested this application once on the GM 3 release of Yosemite via Mac App Store, we figured that Voila has stopped working with the following issues:

1. Video recording not working
2. Menu capture related issues
3. iMessage and AirDrop sharing is not smooth
4. Pinch gesture issues in the Workbench
5. Other minor flaws

We have now fixed these defects and verifying internally before submitting a version to the Mac App Store. We are hopeful of uploading a working build as soon as early next week. We will keep you informed about the progress.

Once we complete our internal testing, we plan to issue a Beta to the ones enrolled for in the next week. Once everything is done, we will also release the website version. Maybe website customers will get their hands on the update earlier than the Mac App Store customers due to the review process.

We thank you for your support and patience all these while and it means a lot to the Voila Team.


  • Thank you for the update. Keeping us posted is very good PR as there are other screen capture products available. Want to keep using Viola so please get this resolved ASAP.
  • I would like to take part in the beta if possible. I cant get the voila helper to run right now and nothing works... taking screenshots with preview just don't cut it.
  • Too bad - Looks like GlobalDelight isn't willing to invest enough resources to make Voila in time working with Yosemite (even if promised a long time ago). I'm depending on a decent screen capture tool, specifically for beta versions of OS/X as I write technical docs for our software. Settled for Snagit which does work just fine . Lost trust and hence another software company I'm not going to spend any money anymore.
  • Dear Voila Customers

    We are happy to share the info with you that Voila v3.8.1 version has been ready and submitted to Mac App Store for the review. We hope to have this new version being reviewed and approved as soon as App Store reviewers can..

    Starting Thursday this week, we are providing access to a restricted GM version of Voila to the enrolled ones. We will be sending an email if you have already expressed your interest to participate in the testing.

    Thank you for your patience, support and cooperation.
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