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This is very frustrating. I just bought your app, installed it, tried to record the screen for a quick test and this I get a "File Corrupt" message in your app. So I restarted the app, tried again... same thing. Restarted my Mac, tried again... same thing. Looked online for a solution.. found your instructions about enabling fonts in the "font book"... tried again... same thing. Tried deleting the Voila library in the Pictures directory... tried again... same thing.

The program can take screen shots just fine... but so can SHIFT+CMD+3... I didn't buy the software for screen shots. I bought it for screen casts!


  • This caused me to have to purchase other software that actually worked... I'd like to get a refund of the $14.99 please. Thanks.
  • Hi Mbentz,

    Could you please let us know the options selected in the window that appears just before recording? Do you have external sound input devices connected? Could you please disconnect the same and check if it helps? Please do send us your system info and OS details to our Support Team for further help.
    If you would still prefer a refund, please let us know. We will do the needful.
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