Can't Record Screen/Can't Esc Screen Selection View

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I'm using iMac Os X 10.5.8. I'm trying to record some clips of films that I made to create a demo reel. I'm trying to record clips, export the .mov to the desktop, bring into FCP, edit, export to Vimeo.

When I open Viola everything is fully functional. I can open and click everything just fine. I click the options arrow above the "record" function with the green camera. I click on "selection". It then gives me the option to "click and drag" the selected area I'd like to record.


  • I select the area of the viewing window of DVD Player. It gives me the three audio/video options, and a RED Record button. I click record, play the DVD, and from this point on I can't stop, or save the recording, and doesn't seem to be recording at all. Basically it's idle, with no choice but to quit.

    Thank you!
  • Help me?
  • Hi NDeRuve,

    Regarding your query, once done with recording. You can stop the recording (either save or cancel) in the menu bar, please refer the screen shot below.

    Also you can stop video recording using the hotkey i.e "cmd+shift+esc".
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