Voila - OS 10.10 issues (Enroll for the beta)

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Voila screen capture is working as advertised on Yosemity Beta, but I can't save any videos. Anyone with the same issue?


  • Hi Jeroen,

    We are working on a new version of Voila, which will be Yosemite compatible. We are planning to release the same on the official release of Yosemite.
    If you wish to take part in the beta testing, please contact our Support Team to enroll in the upcoming beta version.
  • Please sign me up for Beta testing of Voila. I'm using OS X 10.10 Beta and I can't capture save any videos and the sound also goes out when I try.

    Thank you,
  • please can I also sign up. Getting nothing happening when I record fullscreen, yosemite 10.10
  • Please may I sign up? Voila will not even start with Yosemite
  • I rely on Voila in my work. Can you please give me access to a beta (that will hopefully work with Yosemite)?
  • Hi,

    We were ready with a Beta, but, when we launched the app with the latest GM, it started behaving a little weird. We are now looking into this issue and we will try to provide you with a Beta by this weekend.

    We are sorry for all the inconvenience.
  • Please can you sign me up too. The current version won't capture anything.
  • Crap...I use voila 100 times a day in my business and I updated to Yosemite last night. Please, let me help test. If there's a possibility of testing a beta, count me in.
  • Please send me a link to the beta as soon as possible. This has been the only software with any issues on Yosemite on any of my Macs.
  • Also would like to try the beta as soon as available, Voila has been indispensable to my work for at least 4 years now. Thanks.
  • Dear Voila Customers

    We have been working on Voila to make it compatible with Yosemite (OS X v10.10). With limited internal Beta, we confirmed that all things were working fine on Developer Preview 6 and Public Beta 3 and were ready to roll out a version for the interested Beta testers. When we tested this application once on the GM 3 release of Yosemite via Mac App Store, we figured that Voila has stopped working with the following issues:

    1. Video recording not working
    2. Menu capture related issues
    3. iMessage and AirDrop sharing is not smooth
    4. Pinch gesture issues in the Workbench
    5. Other minor flaws

    We have now fixed these defects and verifying internally before submitting a version to the Mac App Store. We are hopeful of uploading a working build as soon as early next week. We will keep you informed about the progress.

    Once we complete our internal testing, we plan to issue a Beta to the ones enrolled for in the next week. Once everything is done, will also release website version.

    We thank you for your support and patience all these while and it means a lot to the Voila Team.
  • I'm also in need of the Beta, as I use Voila for my work and find it indispensable!
  • Please add me to the Beta list as well. I have been using Voila for years. I use it daily for my screenshots and video capture. I'm a college teacher and not being able to use this app is really an unfortunate situation.
  • Please could you include myself on the beta. As Voila is invaluable

  • I would like to be included in the beta testing as well.
  • I would also like to take part to the beta testing if it's possible. I use voila a lot and since I upgraded to Yosemite, I'm stuck with quicktime and it's not as easy to capture my screen as in voila.
  • Thanks for the update Admin - I'm in Yosemite as well and the Voila app can start, but doesn't seem to work when making selections or sections of the screen to capture. Hopefully you're update will resolve it.

    Thanks for the wonderful app! I use it all the time!
  • @sachawki Can you believe we used to live like this all the time!? I'm now down to glui for screenshots and quicktime for movies and neither is even half as convenient as voila. Please...help us @admin....
  • Dear Voila Customers

    We are now ready with a version of Voila (v3.8.1) that has been submitted for App Store review. We are going to send the beta build to the enrolled ones starting Thursday. We hope to have the new version releasing as soon as we can.

    Thank you for your support, patience and cooperation.
  • Please add me to the beta list, as I use the Voila app daily in my work...
  • I'd love to see the beta as well, if you're still adding people.
  • I would love to be a part as well.
  • Please add me to beta, I use Voila for work.
  • Please include me in the beta; I need this for my work.
  • I enjoy Voila and willing to Beta Test if you need additional testers! I like this product and recommend it work for others.
  • Hi everybody,
    This app is probably the app I use most on my mac. I am too sad and disappointed not be able to use it with Yosemite. Please, register me as a beta tester !
  • Hi Ycanari,

    Thank you for your patience.

    We would like to inform you that the new version of Voila is out, please open your Mac App Store and check in updates column for the same.
    Website version of Voila has not yet been released. We are working on registration related improvements and we will be releasing the same in few days.

    Your co-operation helped us to keep this app up-to-date.
  • Sorry, not in my Mac App Store... I'm in Italy and my Voila is 3.8.
    It doesn't work with Yosemite 10.10
    Can you help me?
  • Is there a way to convert my website edition into the app store edition? If i have to use quicktime for a video one more time I might lose my mind
  • How long customers have to wait for a version that works ? This is the last time I bought an application outside the MAS.
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