Can I share / publish a video to dropbox as MP4

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I would like to export my Voila videos captures as MP4 / h.264 and at the moment they're being published to dropbox as .mov files. How do I change this. I've looked under 'Record' and 'Share' tabs in preferences. Unfortunately, if Voila can't export / publish as MP4 I'm going to have to use something else.


  • Hi DrNiclucas,

    Currently Voila does not provide options to convert the captures as MP4/h.264,
    While exporting video files via Voila, we have provided an option to export in different presets (quality/resolution). Please refer screenshot below:

  • I don't see the screenshot? The current export to dropbox is incredibly blurry - is there any way to fix this? If I manually export the video to a local folder using the "Export" function, the videos looks great, but the share to dropbox looks terrible!
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