Whenever I screen capture, it turns down all other audio.

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What gives? I cannot hear my friend over FaceTime or any other audio on my Mac very well at all. What should I do?


  • Hey,

    We would like to inform you that in the latest OS, FaceTime forces any third party apps to lower the volume when there is FaceTime call activated.

    Hence when you start a screen recording (with ‘Record Computer Audio’ checked in the window that appears just before recording), FaceTime lowers the receiving power of Voila audio component and gives more priority to FaceTime call, which results in very low volume while recording is in progress.
  • Is there anything I can do about that? :/
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    Hi iAlexO,

    You can try launching Voila after starting the FaceTime call and check if it helps
  • is this still the only known option?
  • Hi Adamelisha1,

    Yes, it is still the only known option.
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