Voila not recording on 2014 Mac Pro

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Brand new Mac Pro, installed Voila to capture something, I'll hit record selection, drag marquee to start recording, and then nothing. No sound options, no crash, just nada. I'm guessing I'm missing a random codec I had on my old machine, but have not a clue what I'm missing. Tried installing Soundflower and it didn't get me anywhere.

Any ideas?



  • Hi Mmccarthy,

    Voila does not require Soundflower for any purpose.
    Could you please let us know which version of Voila are you using? Please do send us your OS details. Are you able to do a full screen recording?
    Could you please reinstall Voila from purchase point and check if it helps.
    Are you able to use other features of Voila, like screen capture without any issue?
    If you still have any issues then, please contact our Support Team.
  • I'm experiencing the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    *Voila user since 2010

    Voila version 3.8
    OS 10.9.4
    Unable to do any sort of screen recording
    Reinstalled from purchase point
  • Hi Tquinn007,

    Could you please elaborate your query? We suggest you to contact our Support Team for more help.
  • Not quite sure how to elaborate, I click RECORD> SELECTION then select an area. A selection appears for a quick second then nothing happens. If I go back to record it acts as if something is being recorded, "Stop & Save recording" etc. but if I select that option nothing happens.
    Would love to figure this out, it's a great application that I used to use frequently.

  • I just opened Voila on an older machine and the step that doesn't happen on my new Mac is the black box with the record button and options. The box where you select where the audio is coming from, record computer audio, and highlight mouse clicks. That never pops up when trying to use it on my new Mac Pro.
  • Hi Tquinn007,

    Voila have few compatibility issues with the new Mac Pro. We have noted down the issue and the fixes will be incorporated in future updates. We suggest you to get in touch with our Support Team and check if the previous versions work fine.
  • I also am unable to record on a new MacPro
    OSX 10.9.5, 3.5 Ghz 6 core Intel Xeon E5, 16GB RAM, AMD FirePro D700 6144 MB

    Same symptoms as Tquinn007 - cannot record screen movie, but quicktime can just fine.
  • Voila is useless in a new mac 2014. It does capture after some effort and saves the screenshots to the desktop but that's it. None of the organizer, tools, effects tabs work. Please Fix!
  • Hi,

    We were ready with a Beta, but, when we launched the app with the latest GM, it started behaving a little weird. We are now looking into this issue and we will try to provide you with a Beta by this weekend.

    We are sorry for all the inconvenience.
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