What gives?

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Your faq states:

"How do I contact Global Delight for support?

You are in the right place! Just click on the product you are looking for and you will see the documentation. If it is not covered there, you can check the forum. If you find that it is not located anywhere in the site, send an email to our Tech Support team and our support team will get in touch with you within a business day."

I posted a question about HD exporting from the 1 click menu in the Voila forums - how set default to HD. This has disappeared/removed - I dont understand why... I emailed tech support through this site a week ago and still I hear nothing. I am happy to write up an awful review on app site for app is this level of support continues.

It seems like simple question for a new user and fail to see what is going on here... :(

I am now a very unhappy customer.


  • Hi Daiaku,

    We are sorry that you were unable to receive the original mail sent to you. Also, we did follow up to your second mail via personal account. Sometimes the mail lands into the Junk/Spam folder or it might get caught in the Anti-Spam clients.
    Regarding your query, the video gets published in the same resolution as it was recorded. Currently we have not provided an option to publish to YouTube in different formats. Consider your suggestions noted.
    There is an option in YouTube settings where you can change the option to view the video.
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    Ah ok, thank you. I didnt see the message in spam but will check for it. Thank you for your response. I do really like the product and thinks its great. These features would really help add to in my opinion.

    Where can I set the recording resolution? I am recording Full Screen on a iMac in a very high resolution - I don't see the options anywhere.

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    Hi Denis,

    We have provided an option to change the frame rate and compression type of the video. Please refer screenshot below.
    Display resolution can be changed under System Preferences-> Display (please refer screenshot below).
    Also, while exporting video via Voila, we have provided an option to export in different presets (quality/resolution).
  • Ok, that is what I have set. My screen resolution is 2560x1440. Thank you!
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