I downloaded the Voila 3.1.1 trial. I am using Lion 10.7.4. Thought the reason I couldn't record was because I had the trial. Bought the software. Still unable to record. Program crashes and I have to force quit. I only bought software to capture family videos. I have uninstalled/reinstalled. Nothing. Please help, why can't I capture recordings???

RECORD PREFERENCES do not give me a mpeg4 option. Only offers: Frame Rate (Low 15, Med 20, High 25) and Compression type- H.264 or JPEG. Encoding Mode is single-pass.

Also I have to go to Menu Bar to get to preferences menu. When I click it from app toolbar it closes the window??? What is wrong??



  • Hi Sankofankh,

    Record preferences is only to select the Frame Rate and Compression type. The format in which Voila records is .mov. Voila supports "mov", "MOV", "mp4", "m4v", "m4V", "avi", "3gp" video formats.

    As your mentioning that Voila crashes/closes, could you please send your crash report to our Support Team.
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