Question regarding Voila Serial number

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Going nuts trying to activate my copy of Voila. I'm not sure if the small zeros are zeros or Ohs. I have tried swapping between the two in the serial number but still cannot get it to accept. Are the fatter characters zeros or Ohs. About to throw the disk in the garbage.


  • Never mind, it took on the 1000th try.
  • Hi Pedalmasher,

    Please ensure that you copy and paste the entire code and leave no spaces either before or after the code.
    We advice you to make sure that you do not get confused by "O", "0", "1", "I", "5" and "S".
    We suggest you to copy paste the code instead of typing it manually. Please try copy pasting the code into TexEdit and then copy the code from TextEdit then paste into the registration field.
    Make use of the shortcut keys like "cmd C" to copy and "cmd V" to paste. 
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