Voila drop shadow?

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Perhaps I'm not seeing it, but it would be great if there was a better drop shadow effect - like the one offered in SnapZPro... like this:


Can this be accomplished with the current Voila?


  • Hi MarkusAllen,

    We do have an option to 'Turn OFF/ON drop shadow for Object Capture'.
    Please refer screenshot below:
  • That Object Capture drop shadow is AWESOME - exactly what I'm looking for...

    But I never use that option - I use a Selection Capture mostly. Any way to apply it to a selection?
  • Hi MarkusAllen,

    Currently we do not have such option for Selection capture.
    Consider your suggestions noted.
  • Yes. Please please please and pretty please add this option for Selection capture.

    That would make Viola just AMAZING - more amazing than it already is.
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