Voila 3.6 causes 'File Corrupt!' message for all images

I have been using Voila for 2.5 years. I have always had my Voila database 'voilalibrary.libvoila' synced across devices (Four to be precise — 2 desktop work locations, 1 home location and 1 laptop) all via Dropbox without any issues. All Using version 3.5.

I have updated two devices to version 3.6 and both give the same error: 'File Corrupt!'. (see screenshot).
I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this message — years collecting, ordering and tagging my files — lost!
Fortunately this is NOT the case. The DB is fine on the on the Machines using version 3.5, and since dropbox does one-on-one syncs the DBs on other devices IS the same.

This means Voila 3.6 has a problem with data from version 3.5
I don't want to start from scratch again and create a new database as I will lose all my description, titles, urls and tags that I worked so hard on.

What is the solution to this!?


  • Hi David,

    On updating Voila to v3.6, previously if voila library is placed in locations other then pictures folder, the alert message is displayed to choose voila library. Also, you can do it manually via Voila Preferences->General->Voila Library Location. Please refer screenshot below.
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