How to capture mobile view of site

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I am trying to capture a mobile view of a website to show how it is different from the desktop but I cannot find a way to capture the whole webpage. Please advise!


  • Hi Harl,

    We do have an option to capture the webpage in Voila.
    Please refer screenshot below:
  • I'm not sure this is what the OP was getting at, but an issue I have is that of capturing a website as a mobile device views it.

    For example, yesterday I was creating some screenshots for an iPhone app. I wanted the contents of the screen to be a particular web page. What I normally do is resize a browser window to exactly the right dimensions, take a screenshot, and then crop to just the content of the webpage. Having recently purchased Voila, I thought immediately of your capture webpage function. However, it took a normal 'desktop' view of the page.

    In conclusion, it would be helpful if you at least allowed a width to be specified for the capture webpage functionality so that responsive websites can be imaged correctly.
  • Hi Troyselliott,

    Currently we do not have such feature in Voila.
    Consider your valuable suggestions noted, we will pass it to our development team.
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