Sound limiting / compressing

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I love the weird EQ on Boom, even though it would be nice to have more bands to EQ, but there is one thing that's missing to make this my go-to sound tweak for my Mac, and that is a Compressor/Limiter.

I use the EQ all the time, usually with my two presets: 'daytime' and 'nighttime', the latter having less bass as to not disturb my neighbours. but...
when watching action movies in the late evening/night, the levels in volume are often too extreme; sometimes it's hard to hear the conversations, but when you turn those up the action scene come BLASTING through your speakers.

I would love to have a compressor/limiter to make those differences smaller.
the plugin would have to be inserted BEFORE the system's own volume so I can still turn the computer's sound up or down without influencing the level of compression.

I hope you can do something with this suggestion.


  • Hi Eric,

    A Compressor/Limiter would be a nice feature for Boom.
    Consider your valuable suggestions noted.
    We cannot promise you anything but will surely look into it.
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