Bought Boom, but continue to tell me that the trial period was expired! (OS X Mavericks)

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I've tried boom and decided to purchase at the app store. After the trial period, even I have registered, the Boom tells me that the trial period was expired and quits!
I tried to uninstall, install back, update and nothing!!!
What should I do to fix it?


  • Hi Marcello,

    Mac App Store version of Boom does not require any registration code. 
    Could you please uninstall trial version of Boom within the app via Settings->Preferences->Uninstall and re-install a fresh copy via Mac App Store.
    While re-installing from Mac App Store, make sure that you use the same account which was used on purchase time.

  • Ok, done. But now, Boom ask me to download and install "Mac Volume". I done this for Maverick, but when I try to execute the .pkg file, I got the error "Operation cannot be completed".
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    Hi Marcello,

    Could you please check if BoomDevice is present in System Preferences->Sound.
    Our Support Team will provide you with the audio component via mail. Please let us know if it helps.
  • I have the same problem. Where are Settings? All I have is a menu icon, an app icon on my dock, and the in Applications. All these do the same thing. I don't see Settings. In System Preferences, under Audio, I see BoomDevice is present.
  • Hi there,

    Please refer screenshots below to access Settings via Boom menu bar icon.
  • I don't even get this screen since it says my trial has expired. There seems to be no way to uninstall the trial version. I have bought a copy at the app store and can't use it. Please tell me what files to remove since it won't let me delete the app since it says it is running.
  • Hi Smello,

    We have provided an option to uninstall trial copy of Boom within the app itself via Settings->Preferences->Uninstall.
    If you have deleted the Boom trial and still get the message, then please contact our Support Team, they will provide you with uninstall script to uninstall trial copy of Boom completely from your system.
  • My Boom just vanished. It is on my mac audio settings, but not up top. When i go to re install on app store it now wants me to pay again
  • Hi NH_os_Mac_123,

    Could you please confirm that you have purchased Boom via Mac App Store itself?
    If you have purchased Boom via Mac App Store, please make sure to use the same account, which was used on purchase time. It will be free.
    If you still have any issues then, please contact our Support Team for the same.
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