Voila doen't capture anymore

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I guess since the update to 3.6 my Voila doesn't capture anymore: It shows the rectangle to capture, makes the sound of the capture but this is followed by the Mac's "bump"-sound when something doesn't work (error-sound). I checked the console/log-entries regarding some error-messages but nothing appears there. I also did a re-install (deleted all files using AppDelete) and then it worked. But after restarting (I guess) it didn't work anymore again.

Would be happy to know how to fix this or get a link to the old 3.5.

This is my system: 10.6.8, Intel


  • Hi Tantebootsy,

    Could you please uninstall Voila and reinstall a fresh copy, but first:
    1. Could you please check in your System Preference->User & Groups->Login Items and remove Voila.
    2. Open "Activity Monitor" search for Voila, quit/force quit Voila and VoilaCapture.
    3. Go to application folder, delete Voila (make sure to delete all Voila application form your system).
    4. Download a fresh copy of Voila from the following link:

    If you have purchased Voila from Mac App Store, reinstall Voila from Mac App Store itself. Make sure that you use the same account which was used on purchase time.
  • Hi,

    I followed your instructions and it seems to be working now – although I still here the "bump" directly after the capture-sound.

    Thx a lot for your help and have a nice day! :)

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