Tools & Effects not working on screen recordings

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I was excited to see the Tools & Effects tabs available on screen recordings, but they don't do anything.

If they're not working, a suggestion might be to eliminate these tabs to avoid confusion.

If they're not available, is there any way to crop a video after it's been captured?


  • @MarkusAllen: We know it's a little bit of confusion there. We would like to handle that in an upcoming version. You can always Export a video to another tool like iMovie and do the needful.
  • Okay. Great.

    I'm quickly becoming a HUGE fan of Viola... I dumped SnapZPro last week for your awesome software.

    One thing that I can't find (and I'm a bit surprised if it's not included) is the ability to scale a grab - is this hiding in plain site?
  • Hi MarkusAllen,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Did you mean the resizing the image option?
    You can resize an image by right clicking on the workbench or by the option provided at the right bottom corner of the work bench, please refer screenshot below.
  • I appreciate the followup...

    I don't think I communicated well.

    I think your solution is merely a preview...

    I'm looking to take either a movie or screen grab from a size of 200 pixels by 150 pixels and size it to 100 by 75 (50% reduction for example) and place that newly sized-down .png onto a webpage.

    With SnapZPro, you can do this (and even preview it on the fly, too).

    But your software is SUPERIOR... so I was hoping to do this with Viola.

    Finally, there's a slight tweak I'd LOVE to see in your next update with the screen recording tool... offer the option to change the color/pattern of the preview box. Right now it's black/thin line... would be great if it could be (for example) gray/dotted line - I grab a lot of YouTube vids and it's hard to see it with letterboxing.

    All in all, I'm just LOVIN' your software... I didn't expect much for $19, but the value is beyond amazing. I would have GLADLY paid triple that for what you offer.

    My favorite unadvertised bonus is the time it takes to raster a video screengrab... with SnapZPro, a 5-minute recording would take 20 minutes to process... but somehow, Viola processes it instantly. I just tried one - 68 megs... bam - instant.

    Totally impressed!

    I'm making a JFK YouTube documentary with your software... I should have it ready in time for the 50th anniversary. No way I'd have it done in time with SnapZPro.
  • Hi MarkusAllen,

    Once again thank you for your kind words.
    We apologize for the confusion.
    We do have the option to size-down the screen grabs, but sorry to say that the option does not valid for movies.
    Also, consider your valuable suggestions noted.
    Please refer screenshot below.
  • Ah yes... that's the ticket.

    It would be awesome if I could do the same with a movie.
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