Unable to select using Object Tool in Mavericks

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I am a new Voila user. The Selection and Full Screen tools work just fine. But when I select using the Object tool, the entire screen dims and nothing is selectable. Doesn't matter if I double click or press ENTER after selecting, nothing happens. I am using Voila 3.6 in Mavericks on an Intel i7 iMac.


  • Hi Vectorbud,

    Could you please let us know whether MS Office or Shades is active? If so, could you please quit MS Office and Shades and do an "Object" capture and let us know whether you see any difference.
  • I am experiencing exactly the same problem.
  • Hi Luis,

    Could you please refer the above post and let us know if it helps.
  • I have exactly the same problem. I was running MS Office, but shut it down. Got the same behavior after.
  • Hi Parismtn,

    Could you please check whether you have the app Shades? Could you please quit the same and check if it helps?
  • I don't have Shades, MS Office isn't running, and attempting to select an object simply lights up the entire screen.
  • Hi rob211: We have asked a Quality Assurance Team's member look into this and update the issue.
  • Hi rob211,

    We need some info regarding this issue

    - As you have mentioned that selecting an object lights up the entire screen. When this occurs Press Enter from the keyboard and try to perform capture. Then let us know whether the capture taken of the entire screen is proper.

    - Is this issue observed when performing object capture using Hotkeys?

    - Could you please quit all other apps running on your system & try performing object capture using Voila and let us know the results. It would be better if you could provide the screenshot of your entire screen.

    - Do you have any external display connected to your system?
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