Voila v3.6 Mac App Store version Sandboxed - some tips:

edited October 2013 in Product News

1. The 'Trim Video Using Quicktime' option for videos brings up Quicktime without the trimmer.

Solution: Once the video is opened through Quicktime, go to Edit -> Trim in the menu bar to pop out the trimming options.

2. 'Open current Url' & ' Snap active browser Url' doesn't work when using Firefox.

Also, Google Chrome does not work with Voila unless installed in the 'Applications' folder.

Resolved Sandboxing issues for the MAS version of Voila

1. a) Due to certain incompatibilities, the 'Override System Defaults' option has been removed. The new defaults are ^⌘3 and ^⌘4 for 'Selection' and 'Fullscreen' capture respectively.
b) On updating to the new version, the old set of default hotkeys ( ⇧⌘4/⇧⌘3) get replaced with new ones (^⌘3 and ^⌘4). Other Hotkeys keys remain the same.

2. On updating Voila to v3.6, if the Voila library is placed in a location other than the 'Pictures' folder, a message is displayed asking users to select the location of Voila's current library.
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