HELP: Trying to Record from Quicktime

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I am trying to record a video playing with DVD Player. (for some reason the full footage isn't converting, so I have to find another way). Each time I capture or record, it just comes up with the grey and white blank grid, no image. Recording and capturing works fine outside of that scene. Video is VOB - could that be it?


  • Hi Amanda,

    Voila can capture screenshots/screen recording of DVD movies if it is not being played in Mac default "DVD Player". Any other external DVD player can be used instead of Mac native DVD player.
    You can do a screen recording in QuickTime and check for yourself. It works on other OS except Lion and Mountain Lion. We have raised a bug report to Apple about this issue and we hope once they do some changes, Voila can adopt it quickly.
    What you can do is, open DVD with any other application (Ex: VLC) and do a screen recording with Voila and check whether you get same issue.
    Also make sure that you choose the particular application to open DVD (please refer screenshot below). You can also do an "Open with" by doing a right click on the DVD.
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