Serial Number doesn't work!

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Serial Number Not Working

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Response Via Email (Jay Robinson) 10/12/2013 04:01 PM

As the publisher of Voila, we strive to provide installation and initial setup support for Voila which is developed by Global Delight. In reviewing this issue, I find it that it is outside my area of expertise, and, rather than misguide you, I'd like to refer you to the developer.

You can find them at: Global Delight

Product Site -

Contact -

Tech Support -,

Jay Robinson
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Customer By Web Form (Dan Stratton) 10/11/2013 06:16 PM
I've checked everything, caps, spaces, etc. and the serial number dosen't work.

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  • Hi Dan,

    Smith Micro told us that a batch of codes underwent some technical problem with the printing of all the characters in the registration key and this is how some customers are getting into trouble. Fortunately a small number of CDs had these issues and it was quickly identified and fixed immediately. We are sorry for this inconvenience caused due to technical errors. We appreciate your co-operation and respect the extra time you had to spend on closing this matter.
    We have sent you the complete registration code via mail.
  • Im having this same issue with a CD I just received. Have the serial number but the software will not register
  • Hi Richk,

    Could you please send us a screenshot of the CD with registration code on it? Please send it to our Support Team.
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