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I've recently purchased Voila and whenever I've recorded a video and enabled the computer's built in microphone on the recording, the video has EXTREME pixelation. I've wasted HOURS recording several videos, and only after saving realized they are completely unusable.

I've already tried contacting the support team through the contact form but got no help.

If this issue cannot be solved then I would like my money refunded for this faulty program.



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    This issue is now happening when the built in mic is disabled as well!
  • Hi ThePixelOfOz,

    There are a few things that we would like to know to help resolve your issue.

    - Could you please tell us whether the issue is consistent?
    - Does it happen with the Full screen recording or the Selection screen recording?
    - Also could you let us know what is the 'Frame Rate' and 'Compression Type' provided in Voila preference under 'Record' (please refer screenshots below) (does it helps if you alter the same? Please try with JPEG compression type and check if it helps?)
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    I experience the same problem. I must say that I have this problem since the last update (3.5). My settings are as follows:

    Frame Rate = High-25
    Compression = H.264

    The issue is consistent both with full screen recording and selection screen recording.

    Switching to Jpeg compression solves the problem, but it would be nice to get it working also with H.264.

    I'm running Voila on MacOS X Mountain Lion
  • Hi Lecta,

    We have noticed the issue and have notified our developers about the same.
    The fixes will be incorporated in the upcoming update of Voila.
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