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Just installed Boom. I'm confused about how to control volume. The normal Mac volume controls work....but the volume slider in Boom doesn't seem to make a difference?


  • Hi Dwimmer,

    Could you please let us know that source of music? Boom boosts the overall sound of your system. You will find a Boom volume slider in the menu bar which allows you to increase or decrease the volume. Also you can find a equalizer option if you open Boom window (please refer screenshot), please check with the same and let us know if it helps.
    If you still have any issues, then please contact our Support Team.
  • It is not music where I am seeing this....I play videos frequently, and could barely hear the sound. I'm currently using a Mac Mini....speakers are pretty faint. Installing Boom definitely made a big difference, but the volume control only seems to work from the original volume slider.
  • Hi Dwimmer,

    You need to set the default volume slider to maximum and then adjust the Boom volume slider appropriately. We recommend any user to maintain an appropriate level so that they don't harm their ears.
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