Voila 3.5 has a lot of compression artifacts when screen recording with H.264

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After I upgraded to Voila 3.5, I've noticed that whenever recording my screen for a long duration, I always end up in a degraded mode where the video gets highly compressed and there's a ton of compression artifacts. This only happens when I use H.264 as the compression type. My frame rate is set to High-25.

If I switched to JPEG compression, this doesn't happen, but then my filesize balloons up.

I've confirmed that this happens on both my Mac mini and MacBook Pro Retina. This didn't happen back in V3.4 and earlier releases as I've never used the JPEG compression before.


  • Hi HDtrailers,

    Could you please tell us whether the issue is consistent?
    Does it happen with the Full screen recording or the Selection screen recording?
    Could you please relaunch Voila or restart your system and check if you get the same issue? Also could you please let us know your system OS?
  • Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier.

    This issue is consistent.

    I haven't tried Full screen recording. I've only done Selection screen recording.

    I've restarted Voila and rebooted my machine many times since I upgraded to 3.5 and the issue still exists.

    I'm running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.5)
  • Hi HDtrailers,

    We have tried fixing the issue in the next update of Voila which v3.6, could you please update your copy of Voila to the latest version and check if it helps.
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