Unable to launch error message

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Just purchased and downloaded Voila. Copied download and moved to Applications as per instructions and then moved download disc to trash. Although I click on Voila from Applications, I still get the error message saying that I must launch from Applications. That's what I'm doing. I tried downloading the program again and tried launching from other locations as well. Negative. Also tried dragging Voila to Applications and then remover it from the download. Same thing. Very frustrating.


  • Hi Philthomas,

    We believe you problem has been resolved.

    (By Philthomas) Please disregard my problem related question I recently submitted about not being able to launch Voila from the Applications folder. Although I had put Voila into the Apps folder, I dragged it to the Apps folder in the dock rather than in the pop-up Voila window. Works now.
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