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I'm trying out the Voila trial. Does the "Recorded with Voila" logo go away if you purchase the product or does it remain advertised in the middle of all recordings?


  • Never mind, I found the answer myself - the watermark is only in the free trial.
  • @Star123456, you are right! The video watermark is only in the free trial and once you buy/register a copy of Voila it will not be in the fresh recording.
  • So if I record a video with the trial version, does it go away on that video if I purchase the software or will I have to rerecord it?
  • Hi IFlyPlanes,

    If you are using a trial version of Voila to evaluate the software, then all the video recorded would carry the watermark. Once you buy a copy of this app and register it, all the new screen recordings will not have the watermark.
  • Ok, I think you answered my question. I was using the trial so once something was recorded with the watermark, there is no way to have that removed? Even if the app is purchased.
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