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Did a trial of boom. Trial ended. Purchased Boom through iTunes. When I try to use Boom I get this, ...Trail Expired.... purchase.... ", and when I go to my applications and try and open the purchased app it says, "running multiple Instances... another instance of Boom is already running". How do I get Boom to start working again.


  • First uninstall the Boom trial version from your Mac and then download it from the Mac App Store.

    To uninstall Boom: Go to Preferences-->Click on Uninstall tab to remove Boom from your system.
  • Thanks. Your BOOM trial will not uninstall. Seems to me that when I purchase it from Apple that should automatically be the default app, not the trial version. Now I am stuck with the trial version which doesnt work and I am out the price of the app.
  • We are here to assist you and enjoy your copy of Boom! Just drop an email to and the Boom Support Team will work with you right away.
  • I just got a refund from the App. Store. I also had an IT Guy take you app of my computer. It would be good business practice for you to have the trial service package uninstall when the app is purchased from apple, like most of the other apps. I have read many complaints about the same thing I experienced with your app. I did not leave you a negative comment at the app store before my refund because I liked BOOM. However the process of getting this taken care of was just too much for me. So no more BOOM!
  • Thank you for your feedback. The 'uninstall' is a simple process but not sure why it got complicated. We have tried other apps but they don't uninstall on their own and it's not correct either. A user has to initiate an action for certain processes, like uninstalling a trial, as the system has to be in the control of the user. None the less, we have noted down your point.
  • I seem to be experiencing an issue with Boom under Mavericks.
    When playing a mp4 it is now always clipping the sound, especially when music is playing in the background of the film. I have now had to turn it off.
  • I am also having problems with Boom under Mavericks. I'm using VLC and according to their forum page, other people are also having problems. Turning off Boom is the solution. I hope there will be an update soon!
  • Yep, constant clicking noise ever since Mavericks...
    Had to turn it off also
  • n8bn8b
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    Im having issues when adjusting volume with my keyboard on v1.8 and Mavericks. There is a delay between the button press and the volume actually changing as well as distorting in the volume "click".
  • @Colinjewison, @Noddy,

    We have checked the Apple forums and saw many similar issues reported by users who are not using Boom at all.
    Could you please turn off iTunes equalizer and check if it helps. (Please refer screenshot below).
    Also, could you please uninstall Boom within the app via Settings->Preferences->Uninstall and reinstall a fresh copy from the purchase point and check if it helps?


    As VLC use their own sound output device, hence you need to select BoomDevice within the VLC app (please refer screenshot below).


    Could you please let us know from where were you able to install the latest update?
    Yes, we did notice the delay issue while using the keyboard volume.
    Does the delay in audio show any kind of out of sync issues while video is being played?
    We have noticed the issue and notified our development team about the same. We will look into it.
  • The update was downloaded automatically when boom was opened.
    The only audio issues Im having are with the volume button.
  • Hi N8b,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have noticed the issue and our developers are working on the same.
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