Screen recording issue in Voila v3.5

edited August 2013 in Product News

A small fraction of Voila v3.5 users have been experiencing a rare issue with video recording. These users are unable to save/access these recorded files with an error message 'File Corrupt!', similar to what is shown in the screenshot below:

The issue here is that there are a couple of fonts that have been disabled in the user's system. These fonts are:

1. Arial
2. Brush Script MT

These fonts must be enabled in the 'Font Book' Utility. This can be accessed through a 'Spotlight' search. (refer screenshot)

Once 'Font Book' is opened, select each font and bring up the contextual menu, either through right-click or a two-finger tap and enable the 'Family' of each font. (refer screenshot)

Once saved, this problem should not make a nuisance of itself again. Now recording is good-to-go without any more hindrances.

Apple supported font list:
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