Voila - share library with another Mac?

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Firstly, can I simply drag the Voila Library folder from its current location within Pictures, to my Dropbox folder. Having done so, how do I reconnect Voila with the new library location?

Second, with Voila installed (and paid for) on my other Mac, can I nominate that same Library for use on the second Mac, and so, have all Voila snapshots etc up to date on both Macs? Effectively, syncing via dropbox I guess.

Many thanks.


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    Hi Mactavish,

    Each system has different user path, hence it is not possible to provide the same path for Voila library, which are in two different systems. Either you can keep one Voila library in Dropbox and keep syncing the images to another, i.e. you can keep Voila library of one Voila app in the Dropbox then can sync from one to another. If you keep both Voila libraries together then the database might get corrupted.
    In the latest version of Voila i.e. v3.5, we have integrated Drop Box sharing option; you can make use of the same.
  • Hi Mactavish,

    You may try utilizing BitTorrent in a legal way for local sharing. It acts like dropbox, but instead of having to upload to the web first, it's only across your computers.

    You can access how to do that here: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/from-pirate-darling-to-dropbox-alternative-bittorrent-sync-lets-you-keep-your-files-synchronized-across-machines/

    I have used this on occasions with my machines as I record on a Retina Display with 3 displays running then export to my customer Hackintosh for exporting and rendering.

    Hope this helps some!
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