Voila v3.5 new features and bug fixes

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Hi There

We released a new version of Voila - 3.5 a couple of days ago and below you'll find the complete list of the improvements like new features and the bug fixes. We'll be closing some of the old Voila threads as they have been addressed in the new version. If you are an existing Voila user, please update it for free. You can read more details about new features from the blog: http://www.globaldelight.com/blog/2013/08/voila-v3-5-out-now-share-and-manage-like-a-pro/

New features in Voila v3.5:
- Support for Dropbox, Evernote, and Tumblr sharing
- Remember previous capture selection shape and location for image capture and video record
- Option to capture window without shadow
- Re-arrange Smart Collection and Collection folder order
- Info panel shows file size
- Animation in Voila menu bar icon while recording is in progress

Defect fixes:
- Audio recording issue with USB camera
- Alert message has been added while quitting the app when recording is in progress
- Videos imports to Voila while opening
- Copied FTP/SFTP URL does not get pasted to the Mail & Microsoft outlook description area
- Launch voila helper on login option
- Dim area while selection recording has been removed
- Close option provided to cancel the selections
- Kernel panic issue while recording with VoilaDevice
- Naming convention fixes

Go ahead and use Voila and let us know your feedback here.
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