No system sounds with Campfire clients

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With Boom running I don't get any system sounds that I may have set in my Campfire clients (Flint or Propane). I have tried various system sounds (Pop, Purr, Morse) but none play as they should with Boom running. If I quit Boom the sounds work fine.

Any suggestions?

Running OS 10.8.4


  • Hi Azeis,

    Could you please let us know whether the Campfire clients have their own sound output options? If so, then (when Boom is active) could you please select BoomDevice as the output device within the app Campfire and check if it helps?
    Please contact our Support Team for further help.
  • It doesn't seem to have its own output options. I also experience the same issue with Skype chat. When Boom is active I don't hear any notifications, however if it's off they work fine.
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