Text Disappears

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When I enter text on my image, either with the text tool or the shape tool, I click outside the image to save, but when I then go to another image via the bottom Organizer bar, and return to the previous image, the text is gone.

The text shows up in the Organizer thumbnail, but not in the image, and it is not there when the organizer thumbnail is dragged onto the desktop and opened in Preview.

This started suddenly, and I'm not sure what was done to trigger the text disappearing. Have never had the problem before.

Am using version 3.1.1 on Lion.


  • Hi Bsheifer,

    Make sure that you save your work before exiting from the workbench in Voila. You can just do a "cmd S" to do so.

    Also please contact our Support Team for further help.
  • I always get the same thing happen if I include the "less than", "greater than" or ampersand characters in a piece of text. Most other text is fine, but if I use any of those characters then the entire text element disappears exactly as described by bsheifer. (Currently OS X 10.8.3, Voila 3.5, but it has done it for years.) I always just work around it by typing .lt. or .gt. but that does look a bit naff. Getting access to the proper characters would be appreciated.
  • Hi Rjs3273,

    We are working on revamping Text feature in Voila.
    We have also noted the above issue and the fix will be incorporated in the upcoming update.
    Thanks for reporting.
  • I shall look forward to it. Many thanks.
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